4.0 x 18 FixItFast PEELED ALUM POP RIVETS (20)


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Product type:- 4 x 18 Peeled Pop Rivet

  • Rivet Material:- Aluminium
  • Mandrel Material:- Mild steel
  • Finish:- Aluminium finish
  • Description:- 4.0mm Peeled Pop Rivet
    Peel type rivets are a type of
    blind rivet designed for improved
    support in brittle, soft, or
    ductile materials.
  • The mandrel of peel rivets is
    designed to split the end of the
    rivet body into four separate
    legs to create a large blindside
    bearing surface.
  • Packaging:- S2 = Medium Hanging Package
  • Quantity:- 20 Pieces

Technical info:-

  • Length:- 18 mm
  • Body Diameter:- 4 mm
  • Rivet Head diameter:- 8 mm
  • Mandrel Diameter:- 2.2 mm
  • Drill size:- 4.2m